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It is the belief of APA that the use of step-by-step progression to learning, combined with motivational techniques, state of the art video analysis, up-to-date conditioning and nutritional programs, will advance players skill and development. Professional instruction helps to develop and enhance a youngster's ability to compete while building their confidence and self-esteem.  The development of baseball through our coaching will help every child develop self confidence, good discipline,  and character. ​
We hope to not only help the development of our player's skills, but also teach them how to accomplish a goal through having a structured process, positive attitude, and good work ethic. We take a very advanced approach to all aspects of the game, and only show our players the techniques that are taught at the highest levels. We feel that it is best to teach players properly at a younger age, even though the physical and mental understanding is rather tough to grasp. 
It is often believed young players are not mentally and physically strong enough to handle the proper techniques of baseball. APA believes that while it is harder to comprehend, our players will be at an advantage by learning the proper way at a younger age. The quality teaching of proper techniques, quality drills, mental approach, video analysis, and good coaching will truly make the difference.​
Coaching Makes the Difference 
Win or lose its coaching that makes the difference in how fast or how far your baseball game progresses. That's why West Valley Baseball School only partners with the top coaches in Southern California to develop our players. "Player Development" is APA top priority. Yes, we all want to win, but, more importantly, we want our players to learn, grow, and succeed in taking their game to the next level-whether that's making their high school team or gaining a college scholarship. 
To achieve this goal, WVBS only works with coaches that have as much passion in teaching the game as they do in winning the game. And, by placing player development ahead of everything else, winning as a "team" takes care of itself. In fact, a West Valley Baseball "team" starts with the selection of the coach after we check their references and observe them in action to ensure they meet our criteria. Once we select a coach, we then recruit players and build a team around him. 
Several of our coaches are professional trainers that have played or coached at the high school, college, and professional level. In all cases, Wolves coaches are there because they truly care about their players and in teaching them the right way to play the game. 
Whether you are a 9-year-old looking for his first travel team or an accomplished high school player, The WVBS should be your first choice in club baseball programs.